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We’ve got all your cleaning & hygiene needs covered.

Selahle Enterprises offer cleaning services to residential and corporate clients.

      Commercial & Residential Cleaning

      We offer a reliable and trusted Commercial and Residential cleaning service in all areas around Gauteng.

      Family Owned & Locally Operated

      We are a family owned and locally operated business that offers a whole spectrum of cleaning and restoration solutions.

      Personalized Cleaning Solutions

      We strive to provide our customers with personalized cleaning solutions, at a reasonable price, according to their specific needs.

      We listen to you and provide knowledgeable, experienced advice in offering successful solutions to complete your cleaning project quickly and efficiently.

      Selahle Enterprises take great pride in offering quality service and value to small or big clients; our reputation is important to us and that is how we succeed in continually growing our business. We value the referrals from our many satisfied clients.

      Only the safest, most effective products

      We offer only the best cleaning methods and use only the safest, most effective products to achieve the best possible result.

      Improve the hygiene of your site

      If you want to improve the hygiene of your site, which will also create a better working environment for your employees, consider our selection of professional cleaning services.

      To request a quote from us for all your cleaning requirements, please fill in the quote request form at the bottom of this page.

      Cleaning Services Offered by Selahle Enterprises

      Selahle Enterprises Staff Members adhere to your Office Rules/Regulations and are trained in Customer Service Liaison thereby delivering a friendly, courteous Cleaning Service. All personnel are trained to perform duties in high traffic areas and to interact with the public yet be non-disruptive. Owner Site Supervision/Inspections are undertaken to deliver Cleaning Standards of Excellence.

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      Pre-occupational Cleaning

      This service is for the pre- and post- occupation cleanings and also for cleaning after you build your dream home.

      Contact us today for more information on our Pre Occupational packages.

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      Corporate & Office Cleaning Services

      Presenting a clean and healthy work environment is both vitally important to employees and clients alike. A typical office worker will spend about a third of their lives inside the workspace.

      Our current portfolio of clients contain a mixed bag of clients, from the large Corporates to the small business start-ups.

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      Residential Cleaning

      Planning to move into a new home? Preparing your home for your new bundle of joy or are you simply in the mood for a cleaning make over?

      We at Selahle Enterprises will enhance and preserve the appearance and ambience of your Home. We specialize in Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning as well as Pre/Post Occupation & Renovation Cleaning.

      We offer day-to-day, weekly and monthly cleaning contracts.

      Contract Cleaning Service

      Weekly service consist of cleaning of furniture, vacuuming of carpets, ironing of clothes just to mention a few.

      Spring Cleaning Service

      A one-time service where we clean your home and your furniture, we either wash or vacuum your carpets depending on your needs.

      Hygiene Services

      Our Hygiene programmes, although often incorporated into our other cleaning services, can also be designed on their own. Hygiene services normally include supply and installation of all washroom equipment, soap dispensers, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers, hand sanitizer, hand blowers, as well as bins.

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      Specialist Deep Disinfection for COVID-19 Containment and Control.

      This disinfection service is for customers that require a highly specialised service because they have had a confirmed case or cases of COVID-19 infection in their premises within the last 72 hours.

      Deep Disinfection Service

      • Carried out within 72 hours of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 being reported on site
      • Disinfection Operatives follow a risk assessment procedure. The safety of our operatives, and the safety of the environment they are working in is of vital importance.

      We make use of both Cold ULV and Thermal ULV Fogging machines as well as manual disinfection using a high-level disinfectant that kills up to 99.999% of a broad range of pathogens within seconds of contact.

      Manual Disinfection of all touchpoints that include

      • Door handles, handrails, push plates, light switches, remote controls, taps, fridge doors etc.
      • All other touchpoints such as office equipment, keyboards, telephone handsets. kitchen equipment.
      • A post-treatment certificate confirming the service provided.

      Selahle Enterprises is serious about the health and safety of clients and their employees.

      Pest Control

      A couple of typical pests include:


      All homes, regardless of their construction type, can become a source of food for termites. If any type of wood is present, the termites alert the rest of the colony and the feeding frenzy begins.

      Protect your property against termites: detect, control, and prevent. Termites often go unnoticed until there is a visible sign of their presence, such as the flying swarms of alates after rain during summer. Most likely these flying winged reproductive point to the presence of a mature colony of termites nearby…


      Rodents have long been considered deadly pests. The centre for Disease control lists nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rats.

      Rodents pose a significant health risk to both humans and domestic animals as carriers of disease such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease, E.coli and tuberculosis. What’s more, rats and mice can also bring in other pests like fleas, mites and ticks, which can cause acute allergic reactions.

      If left untreated, a rodent problem quickly becomes an infestation.

      Pest Control Continues…


      There are more than 8800 species of ants found on our planet. Ants are everywhere and they can be a nuisance around your workplace and home.

      In Southern Africa’s warm climate, ants can be a persistent problem that requires professional ant control services to prevent recurring invasions. Although not particularly dangerous, common garden ants are unsightly and unsanitary.


      The vast majority of Cockroaches are characterized by their oval shape, foul odour, and their status as a general household pests.

      Cockroach control is especially important for commercial establishments as well as public spaces such as schools, clinics, hospitals and care facilities. Not only are these pests awful to have around, but they also carry serious diseases and their droppings can cause respiratory diseases in people exposed to infestations.

      If untreated, cockroaches can multiply very quickly and will spread to adjoining properties in a short space of time.

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